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GGRB28: Geographies of Disease

This guide will help students in GGRB28 with finding articles for the annotated bibliography and other resources for the final research assignment.

Example: Identify Search Strategy with Keywords

Choose one chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, respiratory disease) and discuss the ways that the social determinants of health and inequality impact those living with the illness. 

Step 1. Describe your Topic

What are the social determinants of health and inequality that are the reason why are we seeing an increase in respiratory disease in youth that vape or smoke e-cigarettes?

Note, this is not a final research questions/thesis - just the start. 

Step 2: Identify keywords for your topic.
Concept 1 Concept 2          Concept 3        Concept 4
social determinants vape youth respiratory disease
Step 3: Find synonyms 
Concept 1            Concept 2                       Concept 3       

Concept 4

socio-economic vaping adolescent asthma
education  e-cigarettes teen lung cancer
culture ecigarettes  

chronic obstructive pulmonary

disease (COPD)

school nicotine    
Step 4: Build a search 
Concept 1 Concept 2          Concept 3        Concept 4

( socio-economic OR culture OR education)  AND (vaping OR e-cigarettes OR nicotine) AND (youth OR teen OR adolescent) AND (respiratory disease OR asthma OR " lung cancer")

Activity 3: Keywords

Activity 3: Keywords

Write in your worksheet. 


What are 3-5 keywords that describe your topic? Consider 1 of these to be a geography concept from class.