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GGRA02: Geographies of Global Processes

This guide will assist students in GGRA02 with exploring academic integrity and finding relevant resources for their research essay.

Research Essay Topics

1. Colonialism, Land and Indigenous Activism

Brake, J. (2019). Researchers say RCMP action against Wet’suwet’n would place corporate interests over Indigenous rightsAboriginal Peoples Television Network, January 6. 

2. Racism

Jones, E.  (2021). Beware the Neoliberal Co-optation of Black Lives MatterThe Breach, July 13. 

3. Capitalism

Barry-Shaw, N. (2022). Why we’re about to hear that Big Pharma is the victimThe Breach, August 19.

4. War on Terror, Canada in Afghanistan

Lawrence, J. (2021) “We can't make a country care about its own women. Only Afghanistan can do that.” USA Today(August 16)

5. Cultural landscapes and statues

Frum, D. (2021) “The Fight Over Canada’s Founding Prime Minister” The Atlantic (June 21)

6. Climate Crisis

Awan, T. & Sushant. (2023). “In the fight to prevent extreme wildfires, nature can helpThe National Observer (September 6)

Research Process

Remember the research process is not linear. You will inevitable move back and forth between focusing your topic, research, and writing before completing your assignment.   

Narrowing a Topic

This short video demonstrates to students how to develop an appropriate topic for a research paper by considering goals, approaches, topic scope and helpful resources.

(Georgian College Library, 2016)

What, Who, Where, When and Why/How of Your Topic


Social media



Interpersonal relationships


Health care practitioners, charity

Men, student/teen, women, Aboriginal people, children


Canada, Ontario

When Last 5 years

How can health practitioners use social media to promote health?

Why are some types of social media advertising more effective for increasing donations to a charity?

Why do teens prefer one social media platform more than another - what factors influence this?

How does frequent use of social media impact interpersonal relationships?