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GGRA02: Geographies of Global Processes

This guide will assist students in GGRA02 with exploring academic integrity and finding relevant resources for their research essay.

Example: Identify Search Strategy with Keywords

Step 1. Describe your Topic

Indigenous Communities in Mexico Take up Arms to Defend the Monarch Forest 

Step 2: Identify keywords for your topic.
Concept 1 Concept 2          Concept 3       
Indigenous "Monarch Forest" conservation 
Step 3: Find synonyms 
Concept 1            Concept 2                       Concept 3       
Indigenous "Monarch forest" conservation
Aboriginal "Monarch butterflies" sustainability 
  Mexico environment
Step 4: Build a search 
Concept 1 Concept 2          Concept 3        Concept 4

Indigenous AND (“Monarch forest” OR “Monarch butterflies” OR Mexico) AND Conservation