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Entrepreneurship Research Workshops

This guide outlines the suite of entrepreneurship research workshops provided by the library, including Co-Curricular Record and Graduate Professional Skills workshops. Workshops are open to all students, faculty and staff at the university.

Co-Curricular Record

Entrepreneurship Research workshops are part of the University's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program. Undergraduates who CCR logo reads CCR Approved Build your experience tell your storycomplete a series of sessions get official recognition from the University. Find out more about the CCR

To qualify for the CCR, students must attend 2 hours worth of workshops at each level (see graph below), and complete a short reflection on their experiences.

To record your participation for the CCR, bring your TCard to each session you attend and ask the instructor to swipe it. Failure to do so may result in non-validation.

If you have any questions about participating, contact Entrepreneurship Librarian Christina Kim,