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Research Guides

ChemDraw installation and renewal

A how-to guide on installing the latest version of ChemDraw and how to renew each year in November.

Chemdraw installation for PCs

ChemDraw 20 is the newest version. Versions 17-20 use a different account package called Flexnet to track your serial numbers and allow you to download the software.

If you had a login for the Perkin Elmer webpage for version 16, you must create a new registration for Flexnet - you can reuse the username and password if you want. 

ChemDraw registration 

Click here to register using your University of Toronto email address.


1. Register - you will be sent an email to create a password. If for some reason you do not get the email, you can click on the "existing user" tab and use the Password Finder option to force another email.

PerkinElmer Flexnet Registration

2. Once you have registered and then logged in, click on the Download Now link next to ChemDraw Professional and download the PC Windows installer (.exe file).

Link to Download ChemDraw

4. Navigate back to the List Entitlements page from the menu on the left and copy the Product Activation code for ChemDraw Professional.   

5. Run the installation and enter the activation code when required. Both PCs and Macs use the same activation code.

6. Open Chemdraw.



If you encounter an error when downloading or installing the software, contact Maddy Gerbig,, (or Sarah Forbes, if you are affiliated with UTSC) for assistance stating your operating system and the version you are trying to download.