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ChemDraw Installation and Renewal

A how-to guide on installing the latest version of ChemDraw and how to renew each year in November.

ChemDraw Installation on PCs

Please note: The scientific software platform that owns and administers ChemDraw, previously known as PerkinElmer Informatics, has recently undergone some changes and has been rebranded as Revvity Signals Software, Inc. This change does not affect our access to ChemDraw or the download and installation process outlined below.


1. New users: Register using your University of Toronto email address.

Once you have completed your registration, you will be directed to the Revvity Signals log in page, where you will need to enter your University of Toronto email address again, and create new password. Click the New User tab to start the process.


Existing users: Log in to the Revvity Signals Download Centre on the Existing User tab. Note: The log in system was recently updated. If you already have a Download Centre account associated with your UofT email address, you may need to sign up again as a new user. Visit the login page, click the New User tab and then enter the username and password you previously used to log in.

2. Once you have signed up or logged in, you will be taken to the "List Entitlements" page. Click on the first Download Now link listed next to ChemDraw Professional. Then click on ChemDraw Professional in the New Versions tab on the next page to install the newest version. Download the PC Windows installer (.exe file).

Link to Download ChemDraw

4. Navigate back to the List Entitlements page from the menu on the left and copy the Product Activation code for ChemDraw Professional.   

5. Run the installation and enter the activation code when required. Both PCs and Macs use the same activation code.


6. Open Chemdraw.



If you encounter an error when downloading or installing the software, contact Maddy Gerbig (or Sarah Guay if you are affiliated with UTSC) if you are affiliated with UTSC) for assistance, stating your operating system and the version you are trying to download.