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BIOB98 Supervised Introductory Research in Biology

This guide will help students in BIOB98 to facilitate science communication and storytelling, find relevant resources in library databases, and develop search strategies for their final project.

Activity 1: Exploring Nature Signs

In pairs, look at the nature sign assigned and discuss: 

  1. what do you like about it? 

  1. how would you improve it? Or what would you do differently? 

  2. Share with larger group your findings and discussion.

Consider: design, font, colours, images, content of the text, who is reading this, and purpose  

Selected Nature Signs

  1. Tree identification 

  1. Gingkos 

  1. Food Forest 

  1. Oak Savannah 

  1. Invasive Species 

  1. Change over time 

  1. Milkweed 

  1. Trees/Shrubs p. 13  

Valley Trail, UTSC


Activity 2: 5 Whys & Keywords

The 5-Whys is a simple brainstorming tool that can help with identifying the root of what you want to discuss about your topic. 

 Answer 5 Whys about A Species 

  1. Considering the species, you are currently working on, answer why care about this species. Then ask yourself why 4 more times and write down your answers. 

  1. What are 5 keywords that help to describe your answers to the 5 whys? 

  1. What is 1 question you still have about this species? 

Tip: Think about the discussion from the icebreaker to help. 

Activity 3: Quick Interpretive Nature Signage

1. Draw and draft a nature sign

Based on the species you already researched, draw and draft a nature sign outline.

What information would you include? What images? Any other features? What would be in it? What content? Images, etc. Draw and write it out.

Consider strategies in storytelling, science communication, and your research both academic and popular. 


2. Peer feedback

Walk around and view others drafted signage. Use sticky notes to give feedback. Consider a question you still have about the content, or design feedback, or formatting feedback, etc.