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BIOB98 Supervised Introductory Research in Biology

This guide will help students in BIOB98 to facilitate science communication and storytelling, find relevant resources in library databases, and develop search strategies for their final project.

Continuing your Research

Get Started

1. Write YOUR TOPIC 

2. List KEYWORDS related to your topic. 

Find Journal Articles

3. List TWO DATABASES you might search for articles on your topic. Consider why you chose them. Does the journal relate to biology? Is the database focused on ecology/biology and current events? Is the database helpful to find Canadian content?

4. Find a JOURNAL ARTICLE on your topic. Write the APA citation. 

5. Find a NEWS OR MAGAZINE ARTICLE on your topic. Write the APA Citation


6. Do you have any QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS about your research for this assignment? If yes, share in the chat or email me your questions at