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BIOB98 Supervised Introductory Research in Biology

This guide will help students in BIOB98 to facilitate science communication and storytelling, find relevant resources in library databases, and develop search strategies for their final project.


Use this website to begin your research.  Use the menu on the left-side of the screen to navigate this website.



Learning Outcomes

Information Creation as a Process 

  • You will discuss the traditional and emerging processes of information creation and dissemination regarding nature signs and podcasting within science communication. 

  • You will develop, in your own creation processes, an understanding that your choices impact the purposes for which the nature signs will be used and the message it conveys. 

Searching as Strategic Exploration 

  • You will determine the initial scope of exploring a species required to meet your information needs.

  • You will design and refine needs and search strategies as necessary, based on search results.

  • You will identify interested parties, such as scholars, organizations, governments, and industries, who might produce information about your species and then determine how to access that information.

Research as Inquiry 

  • You will formulate questions for research your species based on information gaps or on reexamination of existing, possibly conflicting, information. 

Icebreaker Divergent Activity: Why Highland Creek Matters?

You will explore your experience and background information on Highland Creek to breathe, think, pair, share, and reflect. 

  1. Breath - Take a moment to breath in the forest, use your senses  

  1. Think - Take another moment to write down what do you feel, why do you come here, what do you notice, who is this path for? 

  1. Pair – Share with another person 

  1. Share with the larger group what you discussed in pairs.

  1. Reflect – how does this relate to sharing information in nature signs and podcasting? 

Key Resources

Mentimeter Final Reflection