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Information Resources for UofT Alumni and other Practising Dentists

Open access journals

Please note that many subscription-based journals have some Open Access content. 

Bonus Journal Content

Journal of Clinical Periodontology: The website of the journal's publisher, the European Federation of Periodontolgy, offers a variety brief overviews of current issues on their home page, which may include videos of research presentations and links to workshop proceedings,to help you stay up-to-date on the latest periodontal research. 

Clinical Oral Implants Research: The website for the European Association for Osseointegration includes brief summaries of recent relevant research on their home page which may not have appeared in traditional dental journals. Under the "Publication" link you can access Consensus Conference reports and a patient education booklet in 5 languages is available for purchase. The Association's Facebook page  features conference information, as well as occasional research and clinical information. They also have an active Twitter and LinkedIn presence.

Oral Oncology: The journal's website offers abstracts of issue highlights (access to individual full articles can be purchased). There are also a number of Open Access articles published in every edition which can be found on the journal's homepage. On Facebook and Twitter the journal connects with OncologyAdvance to provide links to studies and other interesting news for oral and other cancers and treatments. 

Journal of Endodontics: On the journal's website there are a number of value-added resources. Monthly "Issue Highlights" allow you to read article abstracts, as well purchase full access. In the "Topic Collections" feature you can read abstracts for article groupings from the journal on subjects such as diagnosis, infracted teeth, oral pathology, and pain management. There is also the option to purchase full access. An audio and pod-casting feature near the bottom left of the main page has interviews related to journal articles. For a fee, you can also access the content of the Live Learning Centre - a library of educational presentations, materials, and continuing education courses. 

Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery: The website of the journal's publisher, the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery allows you to access abstracts and e-posters from previous congresses by clicking on the name of the congress on the left-hand side of the page. There are also links to paid continuing education courses

Journal of Periodontolgy: Visitors to the journal's website can download PowerPoint slides of JOP figures for use in their own presentations, view videos and narrated slide presentations on selected journal articles, access Clinical Advances in Periodontics, and find materials related to a variety of workshops and meetings on the home page. 

Journal of the American Dental Association: Through the ADA website you can access JADA Supplements on topics such as anesthetics, imaging, and infection control. Abstracts are freely available, and non-subscribers can purchase full-article access. Members of the ADA also have access to online continuing education courses. The ADA's Facebook page includes links to recent studies, professional education information, conference information, and patient education materials. They have an active Twitter account and a YouTube channel with patient education videos. 

Archives of Oral Biology: On the journal's website you can read Open Access articles, as well as the abstracts from current issue highlights. Full access to those articles can also be purchased. On their Facebook page Elsevier Dentistry you can find links to research and publishing advice. 

American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics: Watch "Case of the Month" videos, as well as current issue article profiles in "Video of the Month" on the journal's website. Abstracts are also available, with the option to purchase full access, for selected articles. 

European Journal of Orthodontics: The journal's website offers videos of their "Distinguished Teachers Lecture" series, as well as full access to a limited number of current articles. 

Angle Orthodontist: This is an Open Access journal with full access to all articles through the journal's website. You can also download a free app through the website to allow full mobile access to the journal. 

Dental Traumatology: Through the website of the journal's publisher, the International Association of Dental Traumatology,you can download a free dental trauma app, as well as the Dental Trauma Guide - an interactive, evidence-based treatment tool. There is also some patient education material available. 

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Any member of the public can request particular books or journal articles through the library with which they are affiliated -- including their local public library -- which can then provide the requested items through the interlibrary loan system with a fee.

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