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Chemistry @ UTSC

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Tools for Drawing Chemical Structures

The ChemDraw software is loaded on all the bookable computers in the UTSC Library.

You will need to download and register before you can use this software for home use. The software license is renewed each October/November. Once you've installed the software look for the green ChemDraw icon since other associated applications (Chem 3D) may also be installed with the ChemOffice Suite if you're on a Windows computer.ChemDraw icon

If you already have ChemDraw installed and want to reactivate your license for another year, simply open ChemDraw (select Cancel on the pop up window about renewing) and then select "Help" (Windows/PC) OR the ChemDraw icon at top left corner of the window (Apple/Macs) and choose "Activate Chemdraw". Enter the new activation code and select "activate". You can confirm all is good by clicking on the "About Chemdraw" under Help and it should say it is renewed until next October.

Need help locating your new activation code? The activation code is always available under Order History on your Perkin Elmer flexnet account where you downloaded the software.

If you are unable to open Chemdraw for some reason, the easiest thing to do is uninstall it and reinstall the latest copy. 

Students: additional details of this software package can often be found in your Quercus course sites. 

NMR Processing Software

The MNova software is loaded on all the bookable computers in the UTSC Library.

Students: additional details on this software package can often be found in your Quercus course sites.

Mnova Support & Video Tutorials

Statistical, Data Visualization and Data Analysis Software