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United Church of Canada

A guide for finding resources on the United Church of Canada

Moderators of the United Church of Canada

1925    George C. Pidgeon

             George Pidgeon: A Biography (1962)

1926    James Endicott

1928    William T. Gunn

1930    Edmund H. Oliver

              The Life of Principal Oliver (1936)

1932    T. Albert Moore

1934    Richard Roberts

              Grace Unfailing: The Radical Mind and the Beloved Community of Richard Roberts (1998)

1936    Peter Bryce

1938    John W. Woodside

1940    Aubrey S. Tuttle

1942    John R. P. Sclater

             The Enterprise of Life (1911)

            Modernist Fundamentalism (1926)

              The Public Worship of God (1927)

1944    Jesse H. Arnup

1946    Thomas W. Jones

1948    Willard E. Brewing

1950    Clarence M. Nicholson

               Clarence Mackinnon Nicholson: An Intimate Profile of His Achievement, Thought, and Spiritual Leadership(1981)

1952    Alexander A. Scott

1954    George Dorey

1956    James S. Thomson

1958    Angus J. MacQueen

1960    Hugh A. McLeod

1962    James R. Mutchmor

             Mutchmor: The Memoirs of James Ralph Mutchmor (1965)

           "The Oft-Quoted, Frequently Embattled Reverend Dr James R Mutchmor," Touchstone, v.8 (Jan 1990), 44-53.

1964    Ernest M. Howse

1966    Wilfred C. Lockhart

1968    Robert B. McClure

              Robert B.  (Videocassette) (1976)

              McClure: The China Years of Dr. Bob McClure, a Biography (1977)

              McClure: Years of Challenge: Vol. 2 of a Biography (1979)

              Vintage McClure (1988)

1971    Arthur B. B. Moore

              Here Where We Live (1988)

1972    N. Bruce McLeod

1974    Wilbur K. Howard

1977    George M. Tuttle

1980    Lois M. Wilson

             Turning the World Upside Down: A Memoir  (1989)

               Telling Her Story: Theology Out of Women's Struggles (1992)

               Streams of Faith (2006)

             Feisty and Fearless: Glimpses Into the Life of Lois M. Wilson (2014)

             I Want to be in That Number: Cool Saints I Have Known (2014)

1982    W. Clarke MacDonald

1984    Robert F. Smith

1986    Anne M. Squire

1988    Sang Chul Lee

              The Wanderer = Nagune (1989)

             Han nagune ui sam: ku ui kkum kwa pijon= The Path of a Wanderer: His Dream and Vision (1994)

1990    Walter H. Farquharson

1992    Stanley J. McKay

              Journey from Fisher River: A Celebration of the Spirituality of a People Through the Life of Stan McKay (1994)

              Bridges in Understanding: Aboriginal Christian Men Tell Their Stories (2003)  (print & online)

1994    Marion S. Best

1997    William F. Phipps

2000    Marion Pardy

2003    Peter B. Short

2006    David W. Giuliano

2009    Mardi Tindal

2012    Gary Paterson

2015    Jordan Cantwell

2018    Richard Bott

2022    Carmen Lansdowne