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Research Guides

Submit and Publish Your Thesis

Other Venues of Publication

Publishing an article, a book or conference proceedings based on your thesis are classic venues of publication. Depending on your field, one would be expected or preferred over another.

Additionally, there are alternative ways of making your research known, such as:

Research repositories

Research repositories generally make published and unpublished research openly available. Such repositories may include.

  • Pre-print repositories (example - ArXiv)
  • Institutional repositories (example - U of T’s TSpace)
  • Disciplinary / subject repositories (example - AgEcon Search)

To find a research repository in your field, use the OpenDOAR Directory of Open Access Repositories.

Data repositories

Data repositories provide a storage and dissemination platform for your datasets. Such repositories may include:

To find a data repository in your field, use the DataCite Repository Finder or the FAIR Sharing Databases. 

Additionally the library's Research Data Management page contains further details about sharing and publishing your data.

Textbooks, including open textbooks

For more information on creation and adapting Open Educational Resources (OER), see the UTL guide on Open, Free & Affordable course materials.

Other example of alternative venues of publication may include:

  • Single observation publishing (example - ScienceMatters)
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Blogs and social media
  • Videos and podcasts