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Psychological tests and measures

Locate specific tests

Is your test commercial or non-commercial?

Search for your test in one of our psychological test databases:

Alternatively, look at the references of an article that used your test.  It should list the publication details. If a company is listed as the publisher, it's a commercial test.  If it's cited as being from a scholarly article, it should be non-commercial.


Non-Commercial: Locate the full text

See if the full text is available in PsycTESTS.  If it is, you will see a "PDF--full text button".

If the full text isn't available from PsycTESTS, try searching for the test in Proquest Dissertations and Theses Global. Dissertations often include an appendix section where test questions may be posted.  Use phrase searching to find articles or dissertations that used the test you're looking for. 

If that doesn't work either, email the author of the test to ask for a copy.


Commercial: Purchase the full text

Mental Measurements Yearbook Online will tell you about the test's publisher.

Shows tests details from a Mental Measurements search

Google the publisher to find their website and browse the site for purchasing instructions.