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Psychological tests and measures

Mental Measurements Yearbook

This annual publication reviews testing instruments and provides publication details. Usually the authors of the reviews also include references to studies that also evaluated the tool.

See what other studies used a test

PsycINFO allows you to search for studies that used a particular test.

Use the Tests & Measures feature


  • In the advanced search screen, click "Look up Tests & measures" in the search options.
  • In the "Look up Test & measures" pop up window, type in your test and click "find".  If you see your test listed in the results, check the box next to it. If there are several versions of your test, you might want to select more than one option.
  • Click "Add to search" to close to pop up window then "Search" in the main advanced search screen.  
  • Each of the search results has used your selected test(s).  Explore them to see if 
    • the authors applied the test in the same way you might want to
    • the authors critiqued or evaluated the test
    • you recognize any of the journals, articles, or authors as particularly reputable

Use phrase searching

Type in the name of your test and put it in quotation marks.  Your phrase will be included somewhere in the information about the articles in the search results, probably the abstract or the tests and measure field.

Be careful not to put too much within the quotation marks. Leave out the test acronym in case the authors don't include it in their abstract.


This guide was created by Judith Logan, Joanna Szurmak, and Kate Johnson.  Thanks to Adam Taves at York University Libraries for consulting.