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Research Posters: Creation, Design, & Best Practices

Getting Started on your Poster

What is a Research Poster?

A Research Poster is a popular means to communicate research information to a general audience. The best posters combine a general summary of research with tables, graphs, and photos that will enlighten the reader and hopefully generate discussion.

Why make a Research Poster?

  • Share your work with the wider research community
  • Can assist in your verbal presentation skills
  • Can assist in networking, making contacts, identifying potential collaborators, etc.
  • Provides a showcase for your work that can be shared when looking for new opportunities, employment, etc

Planning Your Poster

1. What is the key message from the research that you want to highlight to an audience?

2. Who will be the audience at the Conference/Poster Session?

3. Along with text, what visual components (graphs, images, etc) do you need to support the poster theme?

4. What size should your poster be?

5. What software do you want to create the poster with?