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MDSA02 - History of Media and Technology

A Research Guide for MDS A02 - History of Media and Technology

Welcome to MDSA02!

Welcome to the Research Guide for MDSA02.  This guide will help yu to find some of the best research resources at U of T finding information on the history of media technology and the relationship between "old" and "new" media technologies and their associated cultural practices.

A note on useful resources for this class:

In a course combining media, technology, history, and culture, you will find useful scholarly material produced by a wide variety of scholars in many fields: Historians studying the history and development of technologies; sociologists studying the social impact of technology; cultural anthroplogists studying the impact of technology on a variety of cultural groups and practices; political scientists studying the political ramifications of technological change; and potentially many more types of scholars pursuing the topic from a number of perspectives.  This will mean that you will likely have the greatest success by searching a number of different database and indexes representing different disciplines who's scholars would be interested in the particular nuances of the topic that you wish to pursue.  This guide will point you to some of the best resources representing a wide variety of scholarly disciplines to help you to find research material useful for writing about your specific take on the subject.

2009-12-29 Video game cartridges for sale at Shilin Night Market

takuma mori, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sources on Writing Exhibit Labels

Writing exhibition labels

Writing labels for varying audiences can be tricky. Here are some resources that can help you through the process.