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Excel Learning Resources

A guide to resources for IMI students learning Excel.

Getting Started

The purpose of this guide is to provide students with strategies and resources for learning Excel outside of formal training or instruction.

Use this guide if you:

  • are just starting out with Excel,
  • want to master a specific feature, function or formula associated with the software, or
  • wish to develop more advanced skills such as VBA programming.

This guide will explore six different approaches to learning Excel independently:

What Do I Need to Know About Excel?

IMI students new to Excel have sometimes asked FLC staff for advice on how to structure or focus their efforts to learn Excel.

While the obvious answer is 'learn what the task/assignment/job requires', we thought it might be useful to share what one former Department of Management student identified as the core Excel functions and features that all business students should be familiar with:

HLOOKUP Pivot tables
STDEV Trend forecasting, e.g. TREND, FORECAST
Percentile Rank Freezing cells
COUNT Charts & graphs
COUNTA Information functions
LEN Data validation, e.g. drop-down lists
TRIM Filtering data
LEFT, MID, RIGHT Net present value, e.g. XNPV
SUMIF, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF           Shortcuts