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Pharmacology Desktop Library

This guide for dentistry students focuses on pharmacology. It provides general information, links, resources and more.


Welcome to the Pharmacology LibGuide for Dentistry!

This LibGuide is intended to assist you in your pharmacology studies. Clicking on a blue link will take you to a website, a full-text article, or information on where to find a particular book or article within the University of Toronto library system.The navigation bar gives you access to the following:

    • The General Principles page has a list of journal articles, textbooks and journals for general reference.
    • The Links page provides links to relevant web sites in pharmacology.
    • The Organizations page links to the most important pharmacological organizations.
    • The Resources by Subject and Special Topics page will take you to a list of the most updated  information which are specific to the 13 different subject areas within pharmacology: table of contents from three top journals for that topic, review articles in dental journals from PubMed and e-books available at University of Toronto Libraries.
    • The Software and Mobile Apps page points to software relevant to the field of pharmacology and lists the most common used health related mobile apps for smart phones.
    • The Tools/Tutorials page has several online tutorials including the tutorial developed by the Faculty of Dentistry.

The quick links underneath the Table of Contents provide easy access to additional information: 

  • RxList is a guide to prescription drug information including monographs on individual drugs.
  • MedLine Plus is an information service provided by the world's largest medical library, the National Library of Medicine.
  • RxTx is the electronic version of the Canadian Pharmacists Association's drug guide ("Compendium of pharmaceuticals and specialties").
  • DrugDigest is a consumer health and drug information site.
  • Drug Info is a website about prescription & OTC drug information for consumers & professionals.
  • Lexi-Comp for Dentistry is a database specifically designed for dental professionals. Its drug monographs can be searched by keyword. Detailed color photographs, drawings, and radiographs are included. 

This research guide was compiled by Helen Yueping He and professor Helen Grad. It is maintained by Helen Yueping He.

Adapted from a my.library guide (Pharmacology Desktop Library) created by Helen Grad, Margaret Fulford, Melissa Troemel, and Stephanie Walker (2003), Professor Helen Grad, Margaret Fulford, Helen Yueping He and Amy Beaith (2006), and Dr. Jose Lanca and Helen Yueping He (2010), and maintained by Helen Yueping He. Emily Vella helped transferring part of the content from mylibrary to LibGuides (2011). Kathryn Tippell and Tracy Zahradnik helped checking the links for journals (2012).