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CITC12H3: City Structures and City Choices: Local Government, Management, and Policy Making

This guide will help students in CITC12 with finding scholarly sources and policy publications for your briefing note assignment and other class requirements.

Search for a Journal or Newspaper by Title

To search for a journal or newspaper by title: 

  • Choose the elipses (...) option from the navigation menu.
  • Select the Journals search tool from the navigation menu just below the LibrarySearch header.
  • Type in the journal or newspaper title and click on the search icon.
  • Click on the title of any result to open a more detailed description of the source.

The following images illustrate each step:

Location of the ellipses in the navigation menu.

Location of Journal search feature underlined in green.

Journal Search interface with the title "International Journal of Civil Engineering" entered in the search box and a circle indicating the location of the magnifying glass search icon

Journal Search results page with journal title underlined