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CHM217: Introduction to Analytical Chemistry


Welcome to the CHM217 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry Course Guide!

This guide provides links to essential resources for analytical chemistry. Click on the tabs on the left or the Next button at the bottom of this page to find tips and information that will be helpful when preparing for labs and writing your formal laboratory report.

If you need help with any of the resources in this guide, please contact your Chemistry Librarian, Madeline Gerbig at

Included in this guide:

Quick Links

Chemical Properties & Safety Information

ACS Citation Style

The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication provides up-to-date information on:

  1. Scientific Communication
  2. Scientific Journals
  3. Data in the Google Era
  4. Scientific Style Conventions including important information on formatting of graphics, tables, references and more!
  5. Editorial Style Conventions

Refer to Section 4.3 for information on how to cite your sources using ACS Style. The ACS Style Quick Guide (4.3.3) includes examples of citations for common source types.