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ANTA01: Introduction to Anthropology - Becoming Human (Lecture Section 1)

Within Text Citations

Two or fewer authors

Deemes and Creel (1988) or (Deemes and Creel, 1988).

More than two authors

Eng et al. (2013) or (Eng et al., 2013).

Authors with more than one reference in the same year

(Bouvier, 1986a; Bouvier, 1986b) or (Bouvier, 1986a,b).  

Ordering multiple within text citations

Within text citations should be arranged in chronological order (not in alphabetical order), from earliest to most recent, as follows:

(Bouvier, 1986ab; Demes, 1988; Daegling, 1992; Eng et al., 2013).  

Page numbers

For within text citations, page numbers are not required unless a direct quote is used.

All examples courtesy of Mariam Nargolwalla, ANTA01 Essay Guidelines.

References Cited

In the References Cited section, list all references cited in essay in alphabetic order as follows:

Journal Articles

Bouvier, M., 1986a. A biomechanical analysis of mandibular scaling in Old World monkeys. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 69, 473–482.
Bouvier, M., 1986b. Biomechanical scaling of mandibular dimensions in New World monkeys. International Journal of Primatology 7, 551–567.
Daegling, D.J., 1992. Mandibular morphology and diet in the genus Cebus. International Journal of Primatology 13, 545–570.
Demes, B., Creel, N., 1988. Bite force, diet, and cranial morphology of fossil hominids. Journal of Human Evolution 17, 657–670.
Eng, C.M., Lieberman, D.E., Zink, K.D., Peters, M.A., 2013. Bite force and occlusal stress production in hominin evolution. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 151, 544–557.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Bramble, D.M., Wake, D.B., 1985. Feeding mechanisms of lower tetrapods. In: Hildebrand, M., Bramble, D.M., Liem, K.F., Wake, D.B. (Eds.), Functional Vertebrate Morphology. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, pp. 230–261.
Hiiemae, K.M., 1978. Mammalian mastication: a review of the activity of the jaw muscles and the movements they produce in chewing. In: Butler, P.M., Joysey, K.A. (Eds.), Development, Function and Evolution of Teeth. Academic Press, London, pp. 359–398.

Other References

For other resource types (websites, video), please see the Journal of Human Evolution Guide for Authors for referencing format.

All examples courtesy of Mariam Nargolwalla, ANTA01 Essay Guidelines.

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