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ANTA01: Introduction to Anthropology - Becoming Human (Lecture Section 1)

Popular vs. Academic Books

Not sure if the book you found is an academic (aka scholarly) source? Use the table below to see if it fits the criteria.

  Description Example
Popular Source (Non-Scholarly)
  • Written by a journalist, feature writer, or generalist (no or limited subject expertise)
  • Informs or entertains the general public
  • Often presented in story format, with anecdotes from other people
  • Language is casual, with few technical terms
  • Text may contain vague mentions to studies or research, but may not have detailed references
  • Books published by commercial publishers
Academic Source (Scholarly)
  • Written by a scholar or researcher with expertise or education in the field
  • Disseminates research and academic discussion among scholars, researchers, and students within the discipline
  • Intended for university-level study and research
  • Formal presentation of scholarly work in a standard style
  • Language is formal and technical
  • References are always cited
  • Books published by academic or university presses
  • Books published by academic associations or subject-specific publishers
  • Edited volumes