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Research Guides

VPSB74H3 F LEC01 20239:Drawing II

A guide that will help you find sources and do research to support your assignments.

Generating Keywords

First, develop your research question: What are you trying to answer?

In order to develop keywords, look at the nouns within you research questions - persons, places, and things. You can also think about the 5Ws: 

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

List keywords that relate each concept in your research (use a thesaurus, course readings, or lecture notes for ideas).

For example: "Is there a significant relationship between openness and employee performance?"


  • openness = open, intellectual, curious, thoughtful, creative
  • performance = evaluation, achievement

Generating Keywords

Research Question: What role does power and identity play in the work of Mickalene Thomas? 


Concept 1:                    

Concept 2 :                              

Concept 3: