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WRR308: Writing about Plants and the Environment

Tips for Building your Search

Choosing your Search Terms

Enter search terms on separate lines to instruct the database to search for the combined terms.  Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) are useful tools for building your search:

  • Quotations marks (search for specific phrases or names)

    • "Robin Wall Kimmerer", "Enviromental Protection Act""environmental rhetoric" 

  • Asterisk * (widen your search results) 

    • enviro* = environmentalists, environmentalist, enviromentalismenviroment

  • AND (narrows your search)
  • OR (widens your search)

    • "natural environment" OR nature OR wilderness

    • (urban OR city) AND wildlife 

      • Using the brackets around the keywords joined by OR instructs the database to search for both or either of those terms. 

    • email OR e-mail

      • Keep watch for different types of spelling (use of hyphens, US vs UK/Canadian spelling, etc.). You may need to run more than one search.  

Search using the Subject Filter in LibrarySearch

Search using Subject Headings

  1. Go to UTL LibrarySearch Advanced Search

  2. Enter any of the Subject Heading found below exactly as it appears in the Search Box 

  3. Choose Subject from the Search Filters drop-down menu on the left

  4. Press Enter or click on the Magnifying Glass icon


For additional information on subject headings and LibrarySearch, visit How can I use subject headings to improve my searching?


Subject Headings

  • Ecology in literature  

  • Ecocriticism 

  • Ecology In Literature 

  • Nature In Literature 

  • Environmentalism In Literature 

  • Human Ecology In Literature 

  • Environmental Protection In Literature 

  • Ecocriticism In Literature 

  • Ecofeminism In Literature 

  • Philosophy Of Nature In Literature 

  • Conservation Of Natural Resources In Literature 

  • Environmental Literature History And Criticism 



Topic Search

A topic search uses the full item record to figure out how that item is described by the library. You can then use that linked-description to find items on the same subject. 

First search by keyword:

LibrarySearch with keywords women and gaming.

Next choose the most relevant result and open the full record by clicking the title:

Search results highlighting the book Gaming Sexism.

Once you have opened the full record, scroll down to the "Details" section:

Details section of the full record.

There is a lot of information in this section, but the part you need is next to the heading "Subject":

Subject section of full record. 

Of the four subjects assigned to this book, "Women video gamers" is probably the closest to the topic of women and gaming. To view other items assigned the same subject, just click Women video gamers and a new set of search results will appear that are all assigned the same topic phrase.

List of results generated by the subject women video gamers.

Also look at the subjects assigned to the new results. You may find a related subject that fits even more closely with your topic. For instance, the book highlighted in the following image is described with the subject "Women video gamers", but also the subjects: 

Video games -- Social aspects -- Women
Computer games -- Social aspects -- Women
Video games industry -- Social aspects -- Women

Search results highlighting book called Feminism in play