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Research Guides

WRR308: Writing about Plants and the Environment

DON'T PAY for articles or eBooks

1) Search for the resource the library website

2) If using Google Scholar, set your web browser to recognize you as a UofT Student

3) Seek help if you still have access issues.

REMEMBER - Scholarly Articles

What makes an article scholarly?

  • Academic Article - Are there in-text citations and references listed in bibliography? 
  • Newspaper Article - Does the article include interviews with experts and clearly identify facts? 
  • Do the authors have expertise?  (e.g., affiliation to an academic institution or recognized organization, academic credentials)
  • Use RADAR criteria (Rationale, Authority, Date, Accuracy, Relevance) to assess if the research is reliable and scholarly. 

What is a peer-reviewed article?

Learn about the peer-reviewed editorial process and discover research tools that can filter or identify peer-reviewed journals.