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VIC259: Math and Creativity (2022-2023)

This guide is intended to support students taking VIC 259 as taught by Prof. Sylvia Nickerson.

FIND items using UTL's Library Search

The Library Search (Everything) searches all campuses and colleges in UofT for:

  • Books; AV material; Maps; Government publications
  • Journals (Magazines, Newspapers)
  • Journal Articles and Book Chapters (from a limited number of databases)    


EXAMPLE related to research on creative modalities:

If you enter the following terms in the Library Search (Everything) to find information about the limitations of graphic novel or comics, you will find both journal articles and books in your results: Limitations and (graphic novel or comic).

Results include:

Brienza, C. (2010). Producing comics culture: a sociological approach to the study of  comics. Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics, 1(2), 105–119.



Panaou, P., & Michaelides, F. (2011). Dave McKean’s art: Transcending limitations of the graphic novel genre. Bookbird, 49(4), 62–.


Look at the SUBJECTS of a relevant book or article to obtain additional keywords for your search. For example, note the SUBJECTS of the article "Dave McKean's art...." below. 
Sometimes the terminology is out of date but can still be useful for searching.

  • Artists 
  • Children's picture books 
  • Comic books 
  • Conventions 
  • Gaiman, Neil 
  • Graphic novels 
  • Illustrations 
  • Novels


You can use the Library Search (Catalogue) to find out if you have access to a journal title such as: Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics


You can also search for journal articles and book chapters by using specialized subject databases. See "Journal Articles" page.