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VIC259: Math and Creativity (2022-2023)

This guide is intended to support students taking VIC 259 as taught by Prof. Sylvia Nickerson.

Subject & Research Guides

UTL's SUBJECT A-Z & RESEARCH GUIDES can provide subject-specific library resources to help you get started. 

They include lists of REFERENCE SOURCES, ARTICLE DATABASES, and ways to search for BOOKS

Browse different subjects or guides to see which ones best fit your topic:

SUBJECTS A-Z Guides - There are many subjects that might provide helpful tools depending on your topic. Some examples include:

Humanities Subject Guide

Ie. Includes E-Reference tool: Oxford Reference Online

History Subject Guide

History of Science and Medicine Research Guides

Art Subject Guide - might be useful for researching creative modalities

Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies - might be useful for researching creative modalities

RESEARCH GUIDES There are many Research Guides that might be helpful depending on your topic, including the following:

HPS391/MAT391 - History of Mathematics from 1700

Art History Research Guide - might be useful for researching creative modalities

History Research Guide - Robarts Library


FIND background on your topic

You can gather possible ideas or lines of inquiry to explore your research topic

FIND some background information on your topic, concept, framework, etc. by USING general or subject-specific reference tools.