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ESTB04: Addressing the Climate Crisis

Assignment Overview (Winter 2024)

Part 1: Learn about climate impact

  • Review Drawdown Labs’ “Climate Solutions at Work” guide. Select one of the eight areas of climate impact for organizations, and research how your school/workplace/community building relates to or engages with that area.
  • Summarize your research in 500 words with at least 5 references (both peer reviewed and grey literature and are acceptable).

Part 2: Make recommendation(s) for advancing climate solutions

  • Summarize your recommendation(s) in 500 words. Be sure to link your recommendations back to what you learned in part one about the area of impact that you researched
  • Add at least 2 new references in addition the references from part one (both peer reviewed and grey literature and are acceptable).
  • Create an infographic explaining the key ideas from your research and your recommendations.

*Please see your Climate Action Assignment instructions for full details

Class Activity: Information Sources Brainstorm

For your assignment, you have been tasked with building your understanding of how to take climate action by researching and proposing climate action at U of T, your workplace, OR a community building (e.g. recreation centre, faith building). 

How might you begin looking for climate information and activities in these contexts? What sources of information might you consider?