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Captivate: UTSC's Digital Storytelling Competition Resource Guide

Fall 2022

Captivate 2022 Theme: My story

One of the most important aspects of storytelling is learning to find your authentic voice, to tell a story that matters to you and will impact your audience.  

Drawing on your background, identities, passions, personal or professional goals, tell a story about a moment or situation that defined you, or impacted you deeply. 

As you explore finding your authentic voice, consider the following aspects of yourself: 

  • Personal background 
  • Family life 
  • Your relationship 
  • Passions, interests, hobbies 
  • What makes you unique 

In your story, you can connect these aspects of yourself to: 

  • Entrepreneurial activities 
  • Your community 
  • Your creative process 
  • Your education 
  • Your personal and professional goals 
  • Your personal brand, and any companies, community, or creative institutions you would want to work with in the future