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Finding Books

Books can be good starting points for your research to both explore a topic and identify additional references.  Books can also offer in-depth analyses of a topic or include various original or republished article-length essays.

To find books for your research paper, use the (Advanced) LibrarySearch.

UTL also has a growing e-book collection available for research and teaching.

Browsing for books in the UofT Libraries stacks?

Interested in looking thru the Library stacks to see what books are there on cities and the urban experience.

The following LC call number ranges are broken down by the following topics.

HT101-395 Urban groups. The city. Urban sociology

HT161-165 Garden cities. "The city beautiful"
HT165.5-169.9 City planning
HT170-178 Urban renewal. Urban redevelopment
HT201-221 City population--Including children in cities, immigration
HT231 Effect of city life
HT251-265 Mental and moral life
HT281 Recreation. Amusements
HT321-325 The city as an economic factor. City promotion
HT330-334 Metropolitan areas
HT351-352 Suburban cities and towns
HT361-384 Urbanization. City and country
HT388 Regional economics. Space in economics
HT390-395 Regional planning

NA9000-9248 Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautifying

LC call number list complied by Matt Stock at the University of Oklahoma Libraries