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Research Guides

ENG485F Ecocriticism and the Environmental Humanities

Discover library sources and services to support your coursework.

Knowing what to look for

All literature searching is a initially a process of building just enough knowledge so that you can search more effectively.

Knowing what words you use to communicate your topic to a database takes testing or experimentation. One of the first places you may want to look to build a surface level understanding of your topic is Wikipedia

Here are a few Wikipedia starting places that you can mine for useful keywords or phrases:

Identify your keywords

As you scan topic articles, begin to generate a list of keywords and phrases that communicate your subject. The broader your terms, the more general your results will be. The more specific your terms, the more focused your results will be. 

Consider building a table to organize your keywords:

Key concept Related terms
Philosopher's Walk Taddle Creek, McCaul's Pond, Royal Ontario Museum, Trinity College, Faculty of Law, and more
Back Campus Back Campus Fields, University College, and more
University of Toronto U of T, King's College (Toronto), University College, and more