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MAF1002: Strategy, Governance and Management Accounting

Summer 2021

Activity: Practice Searching

Group 1: Names A-M

  • Finding alternatives to SWOT to assess environment and challenge
  • Defining key success factors for the organization's environment (in relation to strategies, initiatives and values)
  • Researching risk for this type of organization, ERM
  • Reviewing effectiveness of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategies
  • Comparing to other non-profits to recommend corporate governance and ethical practice improvements

Group 2: Names N-Z

  • Reviewing and assessing performance measurement system to ensure overall strategy coherence
  • Researching non-profit funding models
  • Finding information on possible marketing strategies for EDI
  • Exploring the role of strategic technologies
  • Investigating partnerships for this sector

Be ready to share with the rest of the class!