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MAF1002: Strategy, Governance and Management Accounting

Summer 2021

Welcome MAF1002!

Your group project requires you to do deep research as a consultant to The Federation of Black Canadians, applying the management control concepts you learned in class. You are also required to analyze the current situation of the organization and create a strategy and a business plan for the Board of Directors. This will involve finding articles and other information to support your case and analysis. 

Consider doing the following:

  • Finding alternatives to SWOT to assess environment and challenge
  • Defining key success factors for the organization's environment (in relation to strategies, initiatives and values)
  • Researching risk for this type of organization, ERM
  • Reviewing effectiveness of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategies
  • Comparing to other non-profits to recommend corporate governance and ethical practice improvements
  • Reviewing and assessing performance measurement system to ensure overall strategy coherence
  • Researching non-profit funding models
  • Finding information on possible marketing strategies for EDI
  • Exploring the role of strategic technologies
  • Investigating partnerships for this sector

The resources in this guide are supplementary to the those shared by your professor in class, which provide additional detail and background knowledge on The Federation of Black Canadians. Please refer to the full assignment description for project deliverables.

For an introduction to the topic of Black heritage in Canada, please see Statistics Canada's Diversity of the Black population in Canada: An overview.

For an overview and recommendations on the use of data in non-profits, see How to Use Data for Good to Impact Society.

Guide location:

Use this research guide for:

  • How to find good quality information from which you can make valid recommendations
  • Locating articles to validate your claims