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HPS340 Limits of Machine Intelligence

Where and how to find articles (and other formats)

You can search for articles (or eBooks and other formats) with LibrarySearch.

Select the Advanced Search and you can select to only search for articles (one search formula example shown below). Remember to use quotation marks around multi-word terms and OR (in CAPS) between synonymous or related terms (as highlighted below).

Screen shot of 3 row search in LibrarySearch with these search terms entered: "artificial intelligence" AND "frame problem" AND nonmonotonic OR "commonsense reasoning"

Because inevitably some search terms will overlap with those of computer science and will retrieve results on technical aspects of A.I., you may want to use the filters on the left of the results list to exclude subject areas, such as shown below: 

Screenshot of LibrarySearch search filters excluded computer science subjects from the results list

Slightly less precise but still helpful, you can also add a row that any field must include philosophy (and variants of that term) to focus the results on philosophical analyses of the topic.

screenshot of LibrarySearch Advanced search additional row with search term entered "any field" contains philosoph*

Below is a non-exhaustive a list of recommended databases

(with which you can find scholarly articles on HPS300 course themes)

A sample search in Philosopher's Index:

screenshot of advanced search in Philosophers Index for language OR linguistic AND intelligence