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VIC150 School & Society, 2022-2023

Global education, School Choice & Adult Education

Education Systems/ School Choice

Specific School Systems in Ontario (articles)

In Ontario, the fight to protect French in francophone schools veers toward the courts

Globe & Mail Newspaper article from July 2019

Catholic schools part of Ontario's fabric: Move to one system would raise costs, threaten education quality

Hamilton Spectator Newspaper "Opinion" article from Apr 2, 2014

Time for one school system for Ontario: There's no good reason or justification for taxpayer-funded Catholic schools

Hamilton Spectator Newspaper "Opinion" article from Dec 9, 2013

Scholarly article on the history of the Public School system in Ontario:

Gidney, R. D., & Millar, W. P. J. (1985). From voluntarism to state schooling: The creation of the public school system in Ontario. The Canadian Historical Review, 66(4), 443-473.