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VIC150 School & Society, 2023-2024

Explore eBooks on VIC150 course topics

image on an arrow pointing leftIn the menu at left, eBooks are grouped by topics on separate sub-pages

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Keep in mind that you won't need to read the entire book. Scholarly books often consist of chapters on discrete topics. In some cases books are collections of essays, by various authors, related to a broad topic. It's always a good idea to at least skim the introduction as well as the chapter of interest.Photo of a conventional early 20th century North American elementary school classroom.

"Online"/eBooks: clicking on the title will take you to a record about the book or lead directly to the eBook. If it takes you to the information about the book, click on one of the "View Online" links to access the eBook.

Printed books: If a library and call number are listed, it's a printed book available from one of U of T's libraries. Click on the link to view the full record, confirm whether the book is available, which library it's located in and take note of the call number. Check that particular library's hours and head there to find the book.

Photo above by Photomatt28, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For your lesson plan assignment, you may find helpful starting points on the

image on an arrow pointing leftNGOs, Think Tanks, Advocacy Organizations page.