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ACMD94 - Seminar in Technical Art History

Research Poster - Assignment Description

Final research report and poster: due in class on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

The final presentation of your research will address both the art and science side of research communications. You will summarize your project in a research report, and produce a research poster that meets the standards for the UTSC Library Research Poster Competition:

The research report template will be posted on Quercus., as one copy will be placed in the object files at the U of T Art Museum.

Grading scheme:/25

  • Completes all steps of assignments, uses appropriate formats, language, grammar, spelling /5
  • Evaluation of research to date and implications for your investigation (how well do you understand this topic and how has the work you have done contributed to that understanding:  /5
  • Depth of analysis and range of sources (are you merely reporting, or are you questioning and analyzing your information?):  /5
  • Organization of material and analysis (including intro/conclusion; logical sequence of information; clear explanations and flow of ideas):  /5
  • Presentation (engages audience; creative, clear and effective communication; legibility):  /5