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ACMD94 - Seminar in Technical Art History

Welcome and Course Description

Welcome to the winter seminar Technical Art History library guide. This guide is meant to assist you in the completion of all of your relevant assignments for this course, from a research perspective. 

Course Description:  Welcome to the inaugural seminar in technical art history! This course provides a deeper understanding of this collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach to the study of art and science.  This relatively new field of study allows students from different areas of scholarly focus to come together in team-based research projects to acquire and strengthen skills in interdisciplinary research and communication. Students will explore a combination of theoretical and practical research approaches to investigate objects from the University of Toronto collection.  We will examine current scientific methods for determining and understanding historical materials and technologies, spend time together in the laboratory exploring historical objects, and conduct research to answer questions about identification and attribution of these objects. We will also explore the nature of the art-science relationship, and the limitations of each discipline in answering research questions. Students are also expected to attend field trips, and to attend class regularly, particularly the laboratory sessions, as these sessions cannot be re-scheduled.

~ From Course Outline

Course Assignments and Requirements:

It is necessary that you attend all classes, take notes, and read the material provided.  There is no textbook for this course, but the lectures and readings posted on Quercus will contain information that you are responsible for learning. There will be assignments, workshops, and a final research project.

  • Attendance and participation in class will also contribute significantly towards your grade. You may participate directly in class, and through emails and meetings with your instructors – all of these methods will count towards your participation grade.  20%
  • Hands-on workshop and exercise – 10%
  • Assignment: Object selection and initial questions – 15%
  • Article Review – 15%
  • Annotated bibliography – 15%
  • Final research paper/poster – 25%