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Grey literature

Conference proceedings

Conference papers and proceedings can be difficult to find because they can be published as books, journal/serials, journal supplements, technical reports, abstracts and book chapters.

Many databases, such as ProQuest and Pubmed, have a "document type" filter or search field. Look for proceedings, conference papers as a document type to search for.

Search tips:

  • Use keywords search to identify relevant conferences as they can be called congress, symposium, workshop, meeting, convention, forum, convention, seminar and etc.
  • Include the year of the conference

Check also:

  • Publications from the Societies and Associations
  • Websites of the Associations, Societies or Organizations
  • Author's personal or institutional website

Contact the author

  • author's email address/contact information is often included in the abstract of the paper
  • search the Internet for the author's name and institution he/she affailiated

Other sources to check