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Community Music

A guide for those studying Community Music at the University of Toronto

Call Number Ranges for Community Music

Alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies and indicates the location (address) of an item in a library's collection. Call numbers are marked usually on the spine of the item and correspond with the numbers in the catalog of the library's collection. Some libraries use library of congress classification (LC Number) in which the call number begins with letters, other libraries use Dewey Decimal method in which the call number begins with numerals.

MT87 - Community Music

ML3800-3923 - Philosophical and societal aspects of music

ML3919-3920 - Music Therapy 

MT1-960  - Music Instruction and Study

Reference Sources for Community Music

Books for Community Music

Below is a very small selection of books that have been written about community music and its associated subjects. For additional books, please check out the "How to Find Books" page.