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MGIC02: International Leadership Skills

Fall 2023

Negotiating in India


Let's say you've identified India as a country you'd like to explore in regards to negotiation differences.

Break down the main concepts for this topic. For instance, some keywords to consider:

  • negotiation
  • India
  • cooperation
  • cross-cultural differences

How would you combine these terms when searching the database? See the Openness at Work example for ideas.

Filtering tips:

  1. In PsycInfo, make sure to select Scholarly Journals from the filters on the left.
  2. If you are getting results outside of management, consider narrowing down using the Classification filter, for tags including:
    • Industrial & Organizational Psychology‎
    • Organizational Behavior‎
    • Mediation & Conflict Resolution‎
    • Management & Management Training‎