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MGIC02: International Leadership Skills

Fall 2023

Example: Cultivating Openness in the Workplace

Let's say you've identified 'being open' or 'openness' as a skill or mindset you'd like to cultivate in the workplace. 

We will use this concept for learning about how to plan and execute research using PyscINFO, the main database you will be using for your Self-Awareness Assignment. 

Start by listing keywords that relate each concept in your research (use a thesaurus, course readings, lecture notes or PsycINFO's built-in Thesaurus tool for ideas).

For example: "Is there a significant relationship between openness and employee performance?"


  • openness = open, intellectual, curious, thoughtful, creative
  • performance = evaluation, achievement

Put them together using operators. This is what you'll use to search databases. 

  • (openness OR intellectual OR curious) AND ("employee performance" OR "employee evaluation" OR "employee achievement") 
    • AND will give you fewer results
    • OR will give you more results
    • Use "QUOTATION MARKS" for 2+ words

Did not find what you were looking for in PsycInfo?

Try searching in these Research Databases as well.