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ERS202H5: Dynamic Earth

Sedimentology Citation Style

Geological Society of America (GSA) Style

Here are a few key items for citing in GSA Style:

  • A "References Cited" section should be included at the end of your paper. This section lists those materials that you actually used and cited in your text, figures, captions, tables, and appendices. 
  • In the "References Cited" section list references alphabetically by author’s last name. For references with two authors, list alphabetically by first author and then alphabetically by second author. For references with more than two authors, list alphabetically by first author and then chronologically, earliest year first.  For references with more than 10 authors, shorten the author list to the first author’s name plus “et al.”
  • Do not include full first names for authors. References should include full last name and initials for first and middle initial (if included in paper).
  • If there are multiple authors, separate the authors with a comma and place and before the last author.
  • Spell out journal titles and book publishers. Include the city of publication for books.
  • Include DOI numbers when available.
  • Nothing in a citation in this style is bolded or italicized EXCEPT for the word in when citing a book chapter.

Examples of GSA style

Journal Article

Arias, O., and Denyer, P., 1991, Estructura geológica de la región comprendida en las hojas topográficas Abras, Caraigres, Candelaria y Río Grande, Costa Rica: Revista Geológica de América Central, no. 12, p. 61–74. 

Balco, G., Stone, J.O., and Mason, J.A., 2005, Numerical ages for Plio-Pleistocene glacial sediment sequences by 26Al/10Be dating of quartz in buried paleosols: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 232, p. 179–191, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2004.12.013. 

Author(s) Last Name(s), Initial(s)., Year of publication, Article Title: Journal Title, Volume number, Page numbers. doi (if available).

Entire Book

Allmendinger, R.W., Cardozo, N., and Fisher, D., 2011, Structural Geology Algorithms: Vectors and Tensors in Structural Geology: New York, Cambridge University Press, 304 p. 

Author(s) Last Name(s), Initial(s)., Year of publication, Book Title:Place of publication, Publisher, Number of pages.

Book Chapter/Paper in multi-author volume

Shipboard Scientific Party, 1987, Site 612, in Poag, C.W., Watts, A.B., et al., Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Volume 95: Washington, D.C., U.S. Government Printing Office, p. 31–153. Taylor, J.C.M., 1990, Upper Permian—Zechstein, in Glennie, K.W., ed., Introduction to the Petroleum Geology of the North Sea (third edition): Oxford, UK, Blackwell, p. 153–190. 

Author(s) Last Name(s), Initial(s)., Year of publication, Chapter name, in Editor name, ed., Book title: Place of publication, Publisher, Number of pages.


Willingham, C.R., Rietman, J.D., Heck, R.G., and Lettis, W.R., 2013, Characterization of the Hosgri Fault Zone and adjacent structures in the offshore Santa Maria Basin, south-central California: Chapter CC of Evolution of Sedimentary Basins/Onshore Oil and Gas Investigations–Santa Maria Province: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1995-CC, 105 p., 

Author(s) Last Name(s), Initial(s)., Year of publication, Report Title: Publisher, Volume (if applicable), Number of pages, url if available.


Bayley, R.W., and Muehlberger, W.R., compilers, 1968, Basement rock map of the United States, exclusive of Alaska and Hawaii: U.S. Geological Survey, scale 1:2,500,000, 2 sheets. 

Compiler(s) Last Name(s), Initial(s)., Year of publication, Map Title: Publisher, scale, number of pages.