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CCT320H5: Communication, Technology, and Social Change

General Data Sources

The following sources have downloadable datasets related to the use of social media and technology.

<odesi>  --Locate Canadian survey data on variety of topics including social networking, internet use, media consumption, etc.

Pew Research Centre  -US based non-profit centre that collects and publishes datasets on social views and trends in society.

Roper iPoll Search  --Searchable database of US Opinion Polls published by American media sources on wide variety of topics.

SimplyAnalytics --Online mapping and data extraction resource of USA and Canadian populations. Includes a "Digital Lifestyle" dataset focusing on social media preferences and behaviours. (UofT users need to create account with "utoronto" email address)

eMarketer Pro  --a market research resource for digital marketing, social media, advertising, and e-commerce. It includes reports, benchmarks, articles, demographics and country information and will be of interest to business, entrepreneurship and media students. 

Internet World Stats -Counts of Internet users globally

UTM Library Data & Statistics  -Other Data Resources available at the UofT

Social media data on Topics

Google Trends   --Look up topics and frequent searchs by users by country and by date.

Twitter Advanced Search --Search for tweets by words, people, places, and dates

Ritetag --search by social media hashtag

Social Computing Data Repository (Free social media data downloads from Arizona State University)

Social Media Research Toolkit ---directory of social media data wrangling tools available for free or payment, complied by Ryerson University.