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ESS241H: Geologic Structures and Maps

ESS241 Exam Prep

Multiple choice questions

  • On exams that contain multiple choice questions usually there are many of them and they often appear in a different order compared to how you learned material in class.

  • Read the questions more than once.  Ensure you know exactly what the question is asking.

  • Often terms that have been brought up in class make up multiple choice questions.

  • Go over the lecture notes posted in Quercus and look at the terms that have been discussed in class.

  • If you are uncertain of any of the terms you can consult the Glossary in the back of Fossen's "Structural Geology." The book is held on short term loan at the Earth Sciences Library.  You just have to ask for it at the front desk.

  • Begin familiarizing yourself with the definitions of terms and types of maps several days in advance of the exam.  Cramming definitions into your brain at the last moment rarely works.

Essay questions

  • Go to the lecture notes posted in Quercus and pick out the themes that have been covered so far in the course.

  • Think of possible questions that might appear on the exam.

  • Write your answers out in full  - or - make a detailed outline of your answers.


Timing and writing your exam

  • First thing - scan the entire test.

  • Take note of the value of each question.  This will help you determine how much time you think you can spend on each question.

  • You need to read each question carefully. Professors say most marks are lost by students misunderstanding the question.

  • After you finish, proofread. You'll catch any obvious mistakes.

Past Exams

Check out past exams and mid-terms when studying for your courses. Get an idea of what to expect on your upcoming tests, and use these tools to prepare yourself. Check out the Old Exams Repository as well as ASSU's mid-term bank.​

Exam Schedule

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