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3D Printing in Dentistry

Three-dimensional printing was once an extremely expensive and complex undertaking. Now, 3D printers are available for home and office use and dentists around the world are finding new and exciting ways to use this technology to improve patient outcomes.

Canadian Dentistry School & 3D Printing

University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry
Creating composite restorations. Article
Researchers are creating 3D-printed joints that interlock with the patient’s cells to create a longer-lasting treatment. Article

McGill University Faculty of Dentistry
Replicate bone for grafts. Article

University of Alberta  
Claudine Thereza Bussolaro has published research on 3D imaging and printing while affiliated with the University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. ResearchGate Page 

  • Bussolaro's article examines the use of 3D printed models for assessing and depicting adenoid hypertrophy in children. 

University of British Columbia
Open access article with authors affiliated with UBC and UofT examines the growing role of advanced fabrication technologies, such as 3D printing, in head and neck surgeries including maxillofacial reconstruction. 

Dalhousie University  
Interview with Dr. Bob Loney, discussing digital dentistry, including 3D printing templates for implant placement, and its applications in student learning and patient care.  

University of Manitoba  
Interview with Dr. Rodrigo França on his recent work which includes a study of dental implants created with 3D printing technology. 

Article covering University of Manitoba’s 2019 health professional graduates, including Nader Shaker, who received a Bachelor of Science in dentistry for his research on 3D printing of dental implants.   

  • Shaker’s research compared the chemical composition of two kinds of dental implants, both manufactured using 3D printing. Shaker’s research project

McGill University 
McGill's Kinsella Lab features research into 3D printing tissues and scaffolds for medical research purposes. Kinsella Lab webpage

André Charboneau from the Kinsella Lab has published research 3D printing of craniofacial tissues and facial reconstruction.  Researcher Profile 

University of Saskatchewan  
University of Saskatchewan researcher Fatemeh Mohabatpour's work includes 3D printing and dental stem cells. Researcher Profile

Western University
The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Rizkalla Lab is currently researching 3D printing of dental and orthopedic substructures. Rizkalla Lab web page

U.S. Dentistry Schools & 3D Printing

Indiana University School of Dentistry
Dental 3D Printing at the IU School of Dentistry in partnership with the Advanced Visualization Lab.

Marquette School of Dentistry
3D-Bioplotter envisionTEC Manufacturer Series at Marquette School of Dentistry.  

Current research at the Marquette University School of Dentistry, including using 3D printing for tissue engineering and the creation of bioactive scaffolds.Current Research Page.

University of Maryland School of Dentistry
3D printing done digitally from start to finish at University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Article

University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
Sfeir Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine is involved in developing three dimensional scaffolds of single and composite materials. 

Dr. John J Ference’s research is focused on this area. Faculty Page

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School
Professor Richard L. Zimmerman’s research includes 3D printing. Faculty Page 

University of California Los Angeles 
Innovative Digital Dentistry Systems - "The core mission of this unit is to lead a digital transformation in dental education and oral health care through creativity, innovation, and research"

The Dr. Thomas R. Bales Orthodontic Clinic at the University of California Los Angeles delivers patient care using innovative technology such as 3D scanners and printers. Clinic Page 

Columbia University 
The Regenerative Engineering Lab's research includes using 3D printing to construct advanced scaffolds for musculoskeletal and craniofacial tissue regeneration. Lab webpage

Dr. Chang Hun Lee's research interests include 3D printed scaffolds for tissue regeneration. Faculty research profile

University of Louisville School of Dentistry 
University of Louisville’s Additive Manufacturing Institute of Science & Technology, affiliated with the School of Dentistry, research includes the fabrication of medical and dental devices. Webpage

Article highlighting the publication of Bryan T. Harris and Wei-Shao Lin’s research on using 3D printing of dental implants to improve patient care. 

New York University 
Article highlights the work of the Coelho Laboratory, including 3D printing for surgical reconstruction of the face.  

Department of Biomaterials research indludes include regeneration of craniofacial defects using 3D printed scaffolds. Department Page

Dr. Lukasz Witek's research interests include 3D printing for biomedical and biomaterial purposes. Faculty Page

University of North Carolina 
Article discussing the work in 3D printing and orthodontics, mainly 3D metal printing to make orthodontic brackets. 

University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine 
Dr. Suvendra Vijayan's research interests include 3D printing and digital dentistry. Faculty Profile

  • Article that details how Dr. Suvendra Vijayan’s research on 3D printed models of mandibles and the standardization of workflows. 

University of Southern California 
Interview with Dr. Tae Hyung Kim on the role of 3D printing in prosthodontics and the introduction of 3D printing into the School of Dentistry’s curriculum.  

Industry report highlighting Dr. Tae Hyung Kim, of the University of Southern California, and his research on using 3D printing technologies to produce partial and complete dentures.  

University of Florida 
Article discusses how the Centre for Implant Dentistry uses 3D printing for dental implants and surgical guides.  

University of Washington
The Solheim Manufacturing Science & Technology Laboratory focuses on 3D metal printing, with uses including “complex dental, orthopedic and aerospace components.”