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3D Printing in Dentistry

Three-dimensional printing was once an extremely expensive and complex undertaking. Now, 3D printers are available for home and office use and dentists around the world are finding new and exciting ways to use this technology to improve patient outcomes.

U.S. Dentistry Schools & 3D Printing

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California: Faculty and students are conducting research utilizing 3D printing technology to improve outcomes of orthognathic surgery (see pages 20 - 21, 40 - 41) and (see pages 42 - 43).

Indiana University School of Dentistry: Dental 3D Printing at the IU School of Dentistry in partnership with the Advanced Visualization Lab

Marquette School of Dentistry: 3D-Bioplotter envisionTEC Manufacturer Series: An overview of the research projects currently being conducted at their Tayebi Research Group that involve 3D printing can be found here:

University of Maryland School of Dentistry: 3D printing done digitally from start to finish at University of Maryland School of Dentistry 

University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine: Sfeir Laboratory at the School is involved in developing three dimensional scaffolds of single and composite materials. Dr. John J Ference’s research is focused on this area.

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School: Professor Richard L. Zimmerman’s research includes 3D printing and faculty and students have access to a 3D printer at the University’s Health Science Center Library 

Canadian Dentistry School & 3D Printing

University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

Restorations: Creating composite restorations. Sample article

Bone regeneration: Researchers are creating 3D-printed joints that interlock with the patient’s cells to create a longer-lasting treatment. Sample article

McGill University Faculty of Dentistry

Replicate bone for grafts.