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3D Printing in Dentistry

Three-dimensional printing was once an extremely expensive and complex undertaking. Now, 3D printers are available for home and office use and dentists around the world are finding new and exciting ways to use this technology to improve patient outcomes.

Reports and Specifications

Industry Report

♦ Global 3D Printing in Dentistry 2015 – 2025 – A Ten Year Opportunity Forecast and Analysis. Research and Markets.  Note: A sample of the report is available by creating a free account. Access to the complete report is for a fee.

Abstract: The dental industry is transforming into a fully-digital one quicker than most dentists imagined, and 3D technologies are completely altering the way in which dental solutions can be approached thanks to its ability to print a variety of complex shapes on demand, in a variety of applicable materials, in significant volumes. No other industry currently adopting 3D printing has the same combination of high value, high performance, and high volume parts required by the dental industry, making 3D printing a near perfect fit for true disruption and game changing capability compared to existing traditional methods of production. In fact, dentistry is such a good fit for the principal value of 3D printing, that nearly every 3D printing process and major provider can apply its technology to the space in some way –although not all do today, they may in the future. Both polymer and metallic applications exist in significant variety, for everything from surgical guides and models, casting and tools to aid in traditional techniques, to actual dental restorative components for both temporary and permanent solutions.

Industry Documents & Specifications 

♦ EnvisionTEC; EnvisionTEC Micro DGP 3D Printer Now Prints Drill Guides Designed with 3Shape Implant Studio™. (2015, February 26). 

♦ Global Dental 3D Printiing Market to Reach $752.5 Million by the Year 2020. (2015, March 19).

♦ New Stratasys Dental 3D printers offer low cost entry to advanced digital dentistry. (2014, May 13). Stratasys

♦ Stratasys 3D printing improves accuracy of dental implant surgery. (2014, April 15).

♦ Stratasys Debuts a New Dental 3D Priner for Orthodontics, Offering Extremely High Throughput for Production of Clear Aligners. (2017, March 21).  Stratasys.

♦ Stratasys introduces its most versatile 3D printer for digital dentistry. (2015, January 16). Stratasys

♦ Stratasys Ltd. New Objet260 Dental Selection 3D Printer takes digital dentistry realism and precision to the next level. (2015, March 9).