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3D Printing in Dentistry

Three-dimensional printing was once an extremely expensive and complex undertaking. Now, 3D printers are available for home and office use and dentists around the world are finding new and exciting ways to use this technology to improve patient outcomes.


The use of 3D printing in dentistry – and other medical fields – has also been in the public eye, with numerous articles focusing on the possibilities and many dentists promoting the use of this technology in their practices.

Here are just a sampling of articles from newspapers and magazine on the topic:

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♦ Can 3D Printers save lives?: Research in printing technology is making it possible to custom-build bones, tissues, teeth and pre-operative models of complex body parts. D’Mello, Y. (2013, August 18). Daily News & Analysis. (Can be found through Factivia Database.)

♦ New Technologies Spread by Word of Mouth. Siegel-Itzkovich, J. (2014, December 28). Jerusalem Post, p. 6.

♦ PRINT in another dimension: Researchers churn out flutes, human skin, dental retainers and substitute ears. Lynch, B. (2011, March 6)Boston Herald, p. 18. (Can be found through Factivia Database.)

♦ Print Your Own Bones!: From Dentures to Jaws and Hips – How British Scientists Can Now Help You To . . . Topham, L. (2014, March 16). Mail on Sunday, p. 78.