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Food Studies Resources @ UTSC

A guide to assist UTSC students in Food Studies to find and use library resources needed to successfully complete their assignments.

Search Strategies for Food Studies

Find books by searching in the Library Search and limiting the format to Books by using the drop-down menu.

Image of Library Search with format drop-down menu showing options, and books option is highlighted.

Search Terms

What kinds of search terms should you use to find books about food?

Broad search terms: food, eat*, cook*, nutrition, restaurant, kitchen.

Narrow search terms: type of food, name of food item, name of a dish, name of ingredient.

The * is a wildcard that searches for any letters that might follow, e.g. eat* will find eat, eats, eating.


Other Relevant Info

Don't forget to think about additional elements of your topic that can be useful search terms: region of the food; type of food; people who grow, prepare, sell, or consume the food; labour or technology related to the food.

What kind of approach are you taking to your topic, what aspect of food are you writing about: history, culture, nutrition, medicine, economics, politics, etc.? The approach can help to determine more keywords for your search.