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JHE353H1 : History of Evolutionary Biology (Winter 2015)

This guide is intended to assist students in the course as it is taught by Professor Rebecca Moore

Need help getting started?

The University of Alberta has put together an amazing series of tutorials on the foundations of research, from defining a topic to citing your references. 

Check it out here:

Did you know that you get an individual consultation with a writing centre instructor?

The fourteen or so writing centres at U of T provide individual consultations with trained writing instructors, along with group teaching in workshops and courses. There's no charge for any of this instruction—it's part of your academic program. The mandate of writing centres is to help you develop writing skills as you progress through your studies. All the undergraduate colleges have writing centres for their students, and so do most professional faculties and the School of Graduate Studies. Here are some general guidelines on how to take advantage of the specialized instruction available in your writing centre.

Writing centres provide free individual and group instruction in the many different kinds of writing done by University of Toronto students. You can work individually with a trained instructor to develop your ability to plan, organize, write, and revise academic papers in any subject. To find out more about how to use writing centres, see our file on Learning in a Writing Centre.

Note that most downtown writing centres now use a shared online booking system. To make an appointment with your writing centre, use the live link on your writing centre's webpage, or start from the common login page. You will need to get a UTORid before you can use the online booking system. (See online info.)

Also note that students from all faculties can visit the Drop-in Centre at the Academic Success Centre. U of T students may also attend the Academic Success Centre's lectures and workshops or visit one of their counsellors.